We provide a commercial communal area cleaning service for property management companies.

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The common areas we clean include staircase cleaning, reception areas, post boxes and internal window cleaning.

A dirty, cluttered space will provide negative feedback for a visitor that walks through it, and will most likely leave an unhappy impression with them already before you’ve even spoken, not to mention their opinion on your company’s reputation.

Not only this, but if there are hazards like fire risks or health concerns due to unclean surfaces, then these too can damage a business for those sharing offices, as commercial areas serve many functions, including acting both aesthetically and pleasingly, so keeping things tidy helps everyone involved, clients included.

The first thing a customer sees when they walk into any building is the communal area, so this part of your space must be clean and clutter-free. In apartment blocks with lots of tenants or buildings with businesses sharing one property, you need to keep an eye on who messes up their living rooms or office spaces – because if someone leaves their dirty dishes, or old paperwork, or even rubbish sitting there for all other residents /tenants/customers to see, then that mess will reflect badly on your commercial communal service.

That’s where we come in, our cleaning team can come in and make your communal areas safe, clean and free from rubbish again. We will do this by sending an army of our expert cleaners that are always ready for any dirty job you have to hand! Contact us today and we’ll happily give you a price estimate.