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Whether you are moving out of your current accommodation, into your first home or moving in with a loved one, moving is a monumental task. Do you have enough boxes? How do you pack everything safely? With the biggest issue always being forgotten, have you cleaned the property?

Gemco Cleaning Services offers a comprehensive move-in and cleaning service, which involves cleaning your property when you move out or before you move into a new one.

When you move out of your current property, you might be renting, which means you might have paid a deposit. To get that deposit back, your property needs to be clean. All the dirt brushed under rugs needs cleaning, hard to reach places need to be wiped down and more; all of this takes time you might not have. Our team can come in and clean all the areas you might have overlooked, getting the property ready for new tenants.

Similarly, you might not know who lived there before you when you move into a new property. The previous occupiers might have been smokers, owned animals, or left in a hurry. We can get your new property looking and feeling fresh before you move.

Our move-in and out cleaning service takes one item off your to-do list when you move. We understand how complex, time-consuming and stressful a big move can be, allowing our team to lighten that burden. Contact us today, and we can get the ball moving. Our team will clean, scrub, freshen up and make your new/old property suitable for new tenants.